The kitchen feels much better with air conditioning

Recently, I’ve started a little bit of a small company coming right from my kitchen.

I’ve always loved baking and decided to start selling my baked goods for parties and events.

However, this requires a lot more time in the kitchen, my oven is on for hours at a time. I’ve noticed that the heat in the kitchen is overbearing throughout the summer weeks. It’s hard to produce a quality product when I am sizzling and disheveled. I try to crank up the cooling system to counter the oven, but it isn’t doing much! Plus, we don’t have zone control so I am over cooling the rest of the home as a result. I looked into some simple fixes and found that I could install a ductless mini split in the kitchen, and this is a wall mounted a/c unit that would exclusively be used in the kitchen, so I could turn it up when I am baking without blasting a/c throughout the entire house. I was able to hire a heating and cooling serviceman for the upgrade and it was quick and simple, since there are no ducts involved. Ever since I obtained the ductless mini split, the kitchen feels so much more comfortable while I’m baking. It was a wonderful investment for my baking business.


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