No need for AC in the north

I live in the north.

I am way up north, basically in Canada.

Our temperatures get cold quickly and stay there for months. I remember trick or treating in the snow and also hunting Easter eggs. I had a college year where I was always in a wool coat. I wore it all the way until the end of May. Basically the summer season up north is a warmer spring day. The temperatures may get into the 80s a few days in the summer. There is no high heat or humidity. There Is also no need for an air conditioner. Someone owning an air conditioner in the north would be like owning a pony. It would look cool, be a conversation piece but be totally worthless at the end of the day. Only major businesses spring for AC in the north and they don’t really need to do that. The only times I experienced air conditioning was in businesses. I realized that some climates warranted AC in the homes, but I never experienced it until I started traveling. I have always lived with only heating systems. My parents relied on a boiler for years until it died. They then changed to a gas fireplace. I still live in the north and I get by with a boiler system that has piping hooked to it. The piping extends within my floorboards and hot water flows through it. It becomes hydronic heating all throughout the home. It is a very effective heating method. I think it is safe to say that if I don’t move, I will never need to own an air conditioner in my lifetime.

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