Eventually changing over to ductless HVAC

Someday I hope to upgrade my HVAC situation.

  • My husband and I rely on a central HVAC plan.

It is forced air that travels through ductwork to make the house one temperature. I am not too happy with the fact that every room is the same temperature. My husband and I don’t share a room because we don’t like the same temperatures. He constantly wants AC and I want heating. At night it is a fight on what the thermostat is set to. Also, we have a spare bedroom, laundry room and bathroom that hardly get used. Why are we paying to heat and cool these rooms? I also don’t like that the indoor air handler takes up so much space in the hallway closet. If I could remove it, I could use that closet to store coats, shoes and hats. I could even expand my bedroom closet into that area if I wanted to. It makes sense for our household to operate on a ductless HVAC system. When our current HVAC dies, we are doing ductless mini splits. We will have wall mounted indoor air handlers and thermostats in each room of the house. That way the house is zone control capable. I can have heating at night while my husband has AC. I can turn on the cooling system when I cook and not worry about cooling unused spaces. It should save us quite a bit of energy. The wall mounted units mean no more large indoor units either. I now have a freed up closet. It will be expensive to upgrade, but I will love it.