Missed out on heated flooring

When our partner and I purchased our house both of us agreed the floors had to go. I hated the brown carpet there. It was old, odory and not comfortable. Every one of us had a few months before moving in so it made sense to redo the floors while nothing was in there. When both of us first started sitting brick boards I tossed around the method of doing heated flooring. You just add 1 more step to the process. An electric heated mat goes on top of the brick board and then the finished tile. Tile is the best for heated flooring too. My partner didn’t want to spend the extra money and hated the thought of another step. His point was both of us lived down south where it doesn’t get that cold. So there was no reason to purchase heated flooring. I agreed with him and both of us did the whole house. Now that both of us are moved in and experiencing a Winter time season, I want heated flooring. The tile feels so freezing under our feet. My partner regularly wears socks around the house. I have invested in throw rugs and I am covering up our up-to-date floor to make it recognize warmer. I undoubtedly wish both of us would have added the heated mats. It would have made such a difference. Now that the floors are all laid down, both of us can’t get them anymore. The only way to do the heating upgrade is to rip up the floors. So 15 years later I should be able to have them. That will be a undoubtedly long wait.