There’s a very cold spot in the dining room

There’s a very cold spot in the dining room and I don’t know where it is coming from.

It’s the most annoying thing that I can imagine, especially whenever I try to work in the dining room in the late afternoon, however usually, our dining room is the quietest section in our house. My hubby and our young ones tend to stay out in the other areas of the house, and so when I am working alone in the afternoon, I can go into the dining room so that I can get some peace and quiet. It’s also where the natural gas log fireplace is so if it’s drafty and cold, I just turn on the fireplace and I usually stay there and feel nice and toasty while I am trying to get through all of our video calls and meetings over the afternoon. However, recently there has been this cold spot that keeps popping up in that dining room. I did some studying about cold spots and I learn that sometimes it means that there is any issue with your ventilation system. Apparently, if you need new ductwork sealing in your air ductwork, you might end up with a cold spot here and there throughout your house. I am wondering if that is not what is happening at our house. The cold spot in the dining room is the only site where there is an issue at all. Maybe there is a crack or a hole in the ducts somewhere in our dining room. Whatever the reason, I have to get it fixed because I can’t work in that dining room anymore now that there is this spot in there. I just can’t get warm.
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