My idiot hubby ruined our electric gas furnace

My hubby Bob tore up our natural gas furnace when she was trying to maintenance it the other afternoon.

There is just something about a broken heater that Bob can’t seem to stay away from.

I think Bob has something called “male answer syndrome” where he cannot possibly just let something go and confess that Bob does not know how to do it. Bob did the same exact thing a couple of years ago when our gas furnace was broken. I cannot believe that Bob did not learn from previous mistakes back then. Back when our previous gas furnace was broken, Bob tried to do it himself and she ended up making all of the problems even worse than they were to start with. Bob ended up having to pay a fortune to have our gas furnace completely replaced by our local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation. I was mad at Bob for weeks after that. Bob had no idea what she was doing, however she refused to confess it and just kept messing around with it until finally it was beyond repair. That’s just one of the things that really annoys me about him sometimes. Bob just can’t confess when she does not know something. And now, our natural gas furnace is acting up again and even though it is the new one that Bob and I got when she tore up our outdated one, she has trying to maintenance it! I just don’t understand Bob sometimes. I think I am gonna lock the door to the natural gas furnace room in the basement and hide the key so Bob can’t even get inside there. He’s just gonna end up making everything worse all over again!


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