Loving the mild winter and this heat pump

So this is my first full winter in the south. And I have to say that it’s turned out to be even better than I thought it would be. I moved here a year ago from a serious winter landscape with plenty of HVAC heating. The day I rolled out in the moving truck, there was all sorts of snow and ice. Sort of a weather related reminder that I was making the right move. I really didn’t know quite what to expect when I showed up in this region. The weather I left sure wasn’t the weather I found once I got here. The house I bought had just had the HVAC equipment replaced so I knew that I could crank up the HVAC heating. Honestly though, I was a bit unsure of just how well the heat pump would even be able to heat the house. But to my utter shock, I didn’t even need to turn the heat pump on for more than a month after I arrived. And when I did, it sure wasn’t for the HVAC heating. I flipped the thermostat to HVAC cooling about a month after I arrived as I needed some air conditioning in the evening to cool the house of for sleep. I will say that the summer was a bit of an eye opener with the heat and humidity. But my new heat pump really made short work of all that. I had plenty of HVAC cooling but I didn’t go crazy with it as I wanted to get sort of accustomed to the heat. Well, it’s been a full winter now and I can say that this is the place for me and I’m so happy to be in the land of the heat pump.

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