I wasn’t sure about the smart thermostat at first

My sister Gail has a history of giving exhausting gifts… Let me clarify, because there are all kinds of exhausting gifts; occasionally an intentionally exhausting gift can be really funny, however that is not what Gail does, as she gives exhausting gifts because they are based solely on what she likes, and what she can get a discount on.

  • Then a nice gift should be special for the person, so if you supply them something they don’t enjoy because it’s cheap, then it isn’t a nice gift.

Last year she gave me a smart control unit, and at first I thought it was the latest in a long line of exhausting gifts, then I was proven wrong about that, and I have to say I enjoy this smart control unit! After letting it rest in the gift box for a few months, I finally had some free time and decided to install the smart control unit. That was the first thing that impressed me – how easy the smart control component was to install. I didn’t need actual heating as well as an A/C expert to do, I did it myself in just a few minutes. All I had to do was turn it on, and then install an app on my iPhone, and I had full control of programming the smart control component from anywhere that had Wi-Fi! I can’t imagine why I would ever need to adjust the air conditioning while I was not at home, however it was still cool to have the option. Although I enjoy the smart control unit, I don’t enjoy Gail so I do not want to tell her how good it is.

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