I love going barefooted in the winter

I legitimately love going barefooted in the Winter months now that I have radiant heated floors.

I have been waiting to get radiant heated floors for a few years now. I knew that I wanted to install them in our home when I first moved in here 2 years ago however it just hasn’t worked out until now. I saved up over the past 2 years So that I could be able to do it, since it’s pretty pricey to have this sort of central heating method installed. The radiant heated flooring that I got uses hydronic heaters embedded in the floor. The heating is amazing because it heats the whole home evenly, however our heating is entirely more energy efficient. The radiant heated flooring uses less energy than other gas furnaces do. There’s little maintenance at all required for it now that it is installed. The other nice thing about it is how it does not spread any sort of dust irritations or dust around our home from the ventilation methods because it does not use a ventilation system! It does not cause any sort of noise either. I don’t need to worry about a loud gas furnace kicking on in the middle of the night because all of the heating is coming silently through the flooring! There are several things that I love about our radiant heated flooring, however our fave thing by far is the fact that I can go barefoot all Winter time long now. I never have to worry about having cold bare feet in our home ever again. It’s the best thing ever.


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