I can’t believe someone rented this old camper

I rent campers and trailers out for a living and someone just rented one even though there is a foot worth of snowfall on the ground outside.

I seriously do not understand people around here.

Occasionally they just surprise me, and you just never know what you’re gonna end up with. That’s how it is with a lot of people who rent my campers, then most of them are legitimately nice, however once in a while you get a total weirdo. The lady who just rented this camper said that they wanted to park it out in their driveway for a week. Mind you, the uneven temps are stupid cold outside right now! Even though there is a heating method in the camper and it works fairly well, it’s still love a big tin can on wheels. Even though the gas furnace is pretty good, it’s just not going to stay hot and toasty inside of the camper for entirely long at all. As soon as the natural gas furnace cycles off again, it starts cooling off inside. I tried to explain this to the woman who asked to rent it, however she just didn’t seem to get it. She said that she needed a site to transport out of her current home because her wifey was mad at him; When she told me thatI was a little bit confused. I don’t know why she thought that she would be done being mad at him after a week. Especially when she spends money to live in a camper outside of their home in the driveway. I think that is not legit our problem though. I am just blissful to be making money off of this woman. I just hope that the natural gas furnace keeps him hot enough while she has it.

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