A custom ventilation system for the smokers lounge

I was beyond stoked when our town got its first cannabis dispensary.

I knew they were becoming more frequent in big cities, but out here in the country we had to wait a couple years to catch up. Medical marijuana was already legal, but that law didn’t do much good if there were no places to buy it! Thankfully that dark time is gone, and I am a regular customer at the dispensary. Last week I was there, and the manager was talking to the employees about adding on a new smokers lounge. As an HVAC tech, I offered to give him some advice on what kind of system to use for it. Although they had a list of regulations and spec that all dispensaries had to follow, they had no idea which kind of HVAC system to use to meet the strict standards. I offered to take the paperwork home and take a closer look at it, and then come back with an HVAC business proposal and price quote. I didn’t run the job through my HVAC contractor, I wanted to handle it on my own as a freelance job. I won’t say it was an easy job, and it was the first full HVAC installation job I worked by myself, but the results were fantastic. The owner was satisfied with the ventilation in the new smokers lounge, and said he would recommend me to other dispensary owners. The pay was nice, but best of all I was granted a permanent employee discount at the dispensary, for all future purchases.


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