No need for AC in the north

It becomes hydronic heating all throughout the home

I live in the north. I am way up north, basically in Canada. Our temperatures get frosty abruptly & stay there for weeks. I remember trick or treating in the snow & also hunting Easter eggs. I had a Spring semester where I was always in a wool coat. I wore it all the way until the end of May, basically the summer time season up north is a warmer Spring day. The temperatures may get into the 72s a few days in the summer. There is no high heat or humidity. There Is also no need for an a/c. Someone owning an a/c in the north would be prefer owning a pony. It would look cool, be a conversation piece but be totally worthless at the end of the day. Only major businesses Spring for AC in the north & they don’t legitimately need to do that. The only times I experienced air conditioning was in businesses. I realized that some temperatures warranted AC in the homes, however I never experienced it until I started traveling. I have always lived with only gas furnaces. My parents relied on a boiler for years until it died. They then changed to a gas fireplace. I still live in the north & I get by with a boiler method that has piping hooked to it. The piping extends within my floorboards & warm water flows through it. It becomes hydronic heating all throughout the home. It is a truly effective heating method. I suppose it is safe to say that if I don’t move, I will never need to own an a/c in my lifetime.


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