Finding all the HVAC goodness during contractor trip

It particularly wasn’t the ideal solution.

But nobody could come up with a better one quite frankly.

So you do what you have to do to get the job done. Or at least that’s what I was telling myself. Working from house in the a/c safety of my house was what I had to do when the pandemic first started. And that was a difficult transition. So much of what I do is purchaser based so I spend a fantastic deal of my month either traveling to the purchaser or working with them remotely. The office downtown with the zone controlled HVAC is set up much better than my guest study room for working remotely with clients. But I did my best to transform that room into something that would allow me to get the job done. Once I had the guest study room set up, I had to face yet another challenge. And that was just how to get to the clients to do the other half of my job. The clients were all understanding for the first couple of weeks. But eventually, I just had to get to them. Even though the airplanes had HEPA filters, flying was out for me. So really, all I could do was load up my vehicle plus hit the road. That meant being away from house for weeks at a time. That wasn’t something that I was too wild about. But there entirely wasn’t an alternative. At least I hit on the interstate hotels early. I found them to be so clean, comfortable plus had the best heating plus cooling I could have asked for.

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