Why do cooling units freeze up in summer?

Have you ever been in your home on a hot summer day and realized something is wrong with the AC.

Before, it was blowing cool air into the house.

But, things have shifted and it’s blowing warm air. You might be tempted to check if someone was messing with the thermostat settings. However, that’s not the reason your AC unit is no longer cooling the house. The most likely reason is your AC unit has frozen even though it’s quite hot outside. An AC professional will find the refrigerant lines encased in ice. This then affects the ability of the AC unit to blow cool air into your lovely home. While it might seem odd, this is a common occurrence with AC units during the hot days of summer. Just hire an AC professional and they’ll help restore the unit back to proper function. Usually, your AC unit relies on temperature, air flow and system pressure to function effectively. If there is any disruption in this delicate balance, you might end up with a faulty AC unit. When there’s disruption in the air flow, for example, the refrigerant lines freeze up. Air flow disruption in AC units occurs due to dirty air filters, malfunction of the blower motor or fan or a blockage in the ductwork. In such cases, the AC professional will have to work fast to clean the system, change the air filter or repair the faulty blower motor. In other instances, the ice forms because of clogged drain lines. Drain lines don’t only leak when they have some blockage, they can cause the refrigerant lines to freeze. Removing all the algae is the best way to get rid of the blockage.


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