Smart thermostat is just what I needed and I didn’t realize it

No doubt that we welcome technology into our home.

That’s something that we actually rely upon pretty heavily in both our home life and our work life.

In fact, my wife and I are both in the technology field as it were. She works from the zone controlled HVAC comfort of offices downtown where she manages a slew of people. I work as an IT consultant for many top corporations. But I work from the normal air conditioning of my house. The fact that we are both so into cutting edge technology, it’s sort of surprising that it took me this long to get the smart thermostat. Up till this fall, I’ve always either programmed the old digital thermostat or took care of the thermostat myself. Since I’m at home each day, it only made sense for me to monitor and adjust the thermostat day to day depending on weather. While I knew all about the technology that goes into making the smart thermostat work, it hadn’t dawned on me to upgrade to this HVAC technology. So when I had to opportunity to get the smart thermostat for a discount, I jumped on it. And I have to say that this sort of HVAC technology does not disappoint in the least. I should have had this smart thermostat for our residential HVAC a long time ago. I’ve already seen about a 15 percent drop in HVAC heating costs this winter. And I haven’t done a single thing other than leave the smart thermostat alone to do its thing.


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