I leave it in the hands of the HVAC professional

There is plenty to worry about in this world.

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to get my head around the fact that we are finishing up the second year of the pandemic.

At least for some of 2021 I wasn’t cooped up inside the air conditioning of my home. I actually even got to go back to work inside the zone controlled HVAC comfort of our office. Those two things have made a big difference on my life. And I think it has also brought me some perspective change as well. I think I found out some things that were much more important than perhaps I had recognized. The fact that my family was safe and we had a house that had heating and cooling, food and electricity to wait out the worst of Covid was a big one. I also realized just how essential that heating and cooling really is. Prior to the pandemic, I thing I paid little to no attention to the HVAC equipment. I changed the HVAC air filter inconsistently and was hit and miss on HVAC maintenance. However, considering how much we depended on the HVAC equipment during the pandemic, I realized just how important the HVAC really is. And so I called the HVAC company and signed up for the HVAC service plan. I definitely wanted to leave the HVAC equipment in the capable hands of the HVAC professionals. There was no other way of seeing it really. I for sure have been lucky up to this point when it comes to the reliability of my HVAC unit. So from here on out, I’m going to stack the odds in my favor with good HVAC service from the HVAC professionals.


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