HVAC equipment and ductwork have to match

I do my best to simplify the stuff in my life.

There is no use or value to stressing over much of anything.

But to stress over stuff that you don’t fully understand is just dumb. So I do my best to get all the facts to a challenge before I start trying to figure things out. Well, with a recent HVAC equipment upgrade, I failed at that quite miserably. The HVAC technician did a great thing by giving us plenty of warning when it came to the demise of our HVAC equipment. This gave us time not only to save some money for the replacement but to get the details ironed out with the HVAC company. And this is where I completely dropped the ball. Instead of going directly to the HVAC company that we have dealt with for years, I simply went online. I had the model and brand of the old HVAC unit so I figured that I could just find what I needed online at a discount. What I didn’t know was that the size of the HVAC equipment is essential. Had I just gone to the HVAC company, they would have inspected our home first. And that would have revealed that the ductwork was not going to fit with the HVAC unit that I had chosen. But I didn’t do that and this was brought to my attention after I had purchased the HVAC unit. That’s what I mean about failing ever so miserably at this HVAC replacement. We had to start over but the HVAC company helped me unload the HVAC unit that wouldn’t work.

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