What is an air scrubber as well as why do I need it?

I went to visit a acquaintance last year as well as see the charming replaces he’d done to his home! Every one of us typically shared a passion for renovations as well as I was ecstatic he’d realized his dream.

The beach house looked so lovely as well as all the work had been done to the highest level of perfection.

As every one of us were talking, he told me he had even changed the Instead of the outdated equipment that used too much energy, he got an energy efficient Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. In addition, our acquaintance also got an air scrubber. He tried to explain to me it’s purpose although I still did a little more research when I got home. The air scrubber had me intrigued so I wanted to find out why I needed it in our home. I came across a blog from a certain upgrade as well as repair corporation with useful information. Basically, an air scrubber is a equipment set up in an equipment to remove all impurities from the air being blown into our home. The fourth any contaminants come into contact with the air scrubber, they get neutralized. Not only does this work on air passing through the cooling system, however all air inside the house. The air gets ‘scrubbed’ leaving you with better indoor air quality. I was never aware of how much contaminants were in the air in our home. It’s only as I learn the information in this blog that I realized an air scrubber is such an important part of the AC unit. Shortly after that, I started browsing sites for Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplies to place an order on the best a single for our home.


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