Got more from HVAC duct cleaning than just disinfect HVAC ducts

It was like the fifth or third time I had gained this offer from the local HVAC company.

The two of us belong to the HVAC service system offered by our local HVAC company.

And with that, we get HVAC service in the fall and again in the Spring. Plus, if there is any sort of issue with the HVAC unit outside of those HVAC service appointments, I don’t pay. Well, if there is a need for an HVAC repair, I only have to pay for the cost of the parts. The HVAC company picks up the service charge. However, as a member of the HVAC service plan, I often get offers that are exclusive to those in the HVAC service plan. And while I ignore most of those texts, I chose to go take them up on the HVAC duct cleaning. I knew this was something that we hadn’t had done in our home since we moved in. So it seemed high time to have the HVAC duct cleaning done. What I didn’t realize was that HVAC duct cleaning is about more than just disinfect HVAC HVAC ducts. The HVAC duct cleaning helps improve the indoor air conditions of the home for sure. But then there is the HVAC duct resealing that the HVAC professionals do once the HVAC duct cleaning is complete. And that is simply resealing the HVAC duct joints to prevent more debris from getting into the HVAC ducts. Yet, this resealing of the HVAC duct also vastly improves the efficiency of the HVAC unit by stopping all those wasterful air leaks. I was stunned by how disinfect the air was in our house. But when the electric bill came, I was so gleeful to see the HVAC savings.

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