Carrying on a Christmas tradition with HVAC professional

There was just so much good about our parents.

When I guess back about that pair of people, I realize just how blessed I am to have had all that time with them.

So it dawned on myself and others that maybe I would reinstitute a number one holiday tradition of our parents. And I started with the HVAC professional. Since we moved to this are some fifteen years ago, we’ve only had 1 HVAC company. They were so good from the jump that it seemed silly to even look and compare when it came to other HVAC professionals. From the start, we joined the HVAC service plan. To do anything else just seemed foolish. The HVAC service system entitled us to HVAC service in the fall and in the Spring. The two of us also were covered if there was any sort of HVAC breakdown. As part of the HVAC service plan, we only have to pay for parts if something goes awry. The HVAC company picks up the service charge. When we set the date for this years heating service, I decided then that we’d do what our parents always did. They made sure that they always offered a holiday bonus to all the service people who helped us out. Even though they didn’t have much currency, they always paid it forward. So when the HVAC professional came for the heating service on the gas furnace, I offered him the bonus. The HVAC professional initially tried to refuse it but I explained that this was a way for myself and others to honor our parents. He got it and promised to pay it forward himself.


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