The a/c plan was affecting my skin

My mom has always been obsessed with ensuring she doesn’t age.

I remember from a young age, she was always trying the latest skin care routines, and plus, she would spend so much money in beauty shops trying the latest finds in skin care; But, all of these couldn’t stop nature and eventually age did catch up with her; She doesn’t look bad at all even though she is still obsessing in the same way.

Seeing her so critical of her image made myself and others rebel from a young age when she tried to influence me. I number one easy routines of soap and water until I was in college… Now, I only do a easy skin care routine and it works perfectly for me. Last summer, I had some labor done in my house. It was time to upgrade the old cooling system that came with the arena when I purchased it. The whole plan cost quite a lot of money but it had to be done since the cooling system kept needing repair. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C experts came by and inspected the entire a/c plan for multiple days. After that, I tested the unit and it worked quite well. After about a week, I began to notice my skin was getting quite dry. I knew if I told mom about this, she’d send myself and others a million solutions. So instead I spoke to a friend who was a dermatologist. She asked myself and others of any changes in my house and I informed her about the current cooling system… My friend commanded myself and others to get a humidifier because the current and powerful plan was removing all the humidity from the air causing my skin to dry.

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