Not repeating the air conditioning start up of last year

And of course, that ended up not going so well for me.

Not sure how it’s easily possible however I live in a region that sees some of the worst temperatures from both Winter time and Springtime. This means that both of us easily have to have reliable and maintained HVAC equipment. The Winter time is such that both of us have to use a gas gas furnace to get through the deep freeze that is our winter. And that Winter time seems to go on and on, week after week. So there are plenty of HVAC heating bills to be dealt with. But what’s even stranger is that both of us seem to just go straight into summer. The Springtime around here is both brief and fickle. One Springtime afternoon may allow us to open up the windows to refresh the house. And the next, the gas gas furnace may be back in high gear. But soon, the air conditioning is on as both of us need plenty of HVAC cooling in order to deal with the high heat and humidity. Last Springtime was so odd with all the temperature variations that I forgot to call the HVAC company for the air conditioning tune-up for Springtime. And of course, that ended up not going so well for me. When I flipped the temperature control over to HVAC cooling, it was wonderful at first. Then, there was a sort of odd sound that was followed by the heat pump simply shutting off. The HVAC worker made short labor of the complication and both of us had the HVAC cooling back on line fairly hastily. However, had I gotten the HVAC repair done, it wouldn’t have happened at all, however not making that same mistake this abbreviated Springtime.

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