We needed up-to-date a/c in our camper.

Every year, before summer time arrives, I have a list of chores to complete.

The first thing on our list is to call the HVAC corporation and have them do an inspection and repair on our outdoor a/c unit.

The 2nd to 1st most pressing chore on our list was to prepare our camper for the summer. There were sure to be some little creatures set taking up housekeeping in our camper while in the winter. We had to evacuate all of our non paying guests, and get the entire camper cleaned from top to bottom. Along with all the cleaning and repairing that all of us had to do on the camper, I also need to inspect the HVAC system. I once asked our regular HVAC worker if he could do the cleaning and inspection of the HVAC system, but he said that he wasn’t correct with that type of system. I took our camper down to the lot where they sold campers and asked if they had an HVAC worker working. They said they had a regular HVAC Tech who did nothing but labor on campers. I made an appointment to have our HVAC method cleaned and repaired on the following day. When I got the call, I thought they were going to tell myself and others that our camper was ready to be picked up, but I was wrong. One of our Wintertide residents had chewed through some of the wiring in the a/c unit and it had to be replaced. I didn’t care about the extra cash it was going to cost myself and others for a up-to-date A/C unit, but all of us didn’t want to go camping without it.


a/c representative