Hillary was feeling much better with the humidifier in place

Hillary was always sick as a child, which weakened him. He wasn’t so good with sports since he hardly spent any time outside. This meant he focused on books, and that’s how he fell in love with engineering. He wanted to know how things worked and would spend hours in the library. As an adult, he still suffered because of his allergies. He was in better shape thanks to physical exercise but his allergies still bothered him. One day, his favorite aunt, who also had similar allergies, called to inform him she had purchased a humidifier. After some thorough research, she came to discover that a whole-home humidifier was best to improve the air quality in her home. Hillary’s aunt urged him to look into it and invest in a humidifier as soon as he could. Hillary was happy it wasn’t another form of allergy medication and researched humidifiers. He was startled to learn how effective a humidifier would be in improving the comfort of his house. Hillary lived in an area with less humidity, and adding a little bit more to his house was worth the try. He placed an order for a quality humidifier from an online HVAC store. The humidifier came a few days later with an instruction manual on using it. Hillary didn’t waste any time testing the unit, and he had to admit the house felt better. The humidifier was set on low, so it didn’t add too much moisture, which was bad for his allergies. His airwaves were clear within half a day, and Hillary wished he could carry the humidifier with him everywhere he went.


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