Edith loved everything about the smart thermostat

Edith loved her grandmother so much that she quit her job to go and take care of her when she fell ill.

During that time, she went back to school and took online classes.

When her grandmother passed away, Edith’s mom told her she had willed the house to her, and she was at liberty to do with it as she wished. Edith loved the house and the area, so she chose to stay in it and make some light renovations. It wasn’t easy to choose what to keep and give away since all these items reminded her of her nana. But, Edith wanted to turn this into her home. In addition, it was prudent that she change the central AC unit, which was quite old. She recalled calling the HVAC specialist many times to repair the faulty unit. Her grandmother had left her a hefty amount as a thank you for taking good care of her. Edith used the money to purchase a new central AC unit for her new home and renovate it. Her brother owned a local AC enterprise that did installations, repairs, and servicing. He gave Edith the family and friends discount, which made her so happy. Her brother came with his crew one Monday morning, removed the old unit, and cleaned the air ducts. There were some gaps in the air ducts which had to be sealed before the installation commenced. As part of the new central AC unit, Edith also got a smart thermostat that she loved. It was easy to use plus had so many other cool features.

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