Duke’s outdoor HVAC was full of dust and debris

Duke had been away from home longer than he intended.

But, the whole matter was out of his hands.

He had left the country a month before the lockdown. And only managed to get back home 6 months later. Thankfully, he had the best boss who ensured he had everything he needed. He even got to turn his whole job into a remote position. The minute he landed back, he wanted to kiss the ground because he had missed home so much. He went straight home from the airport, turned on the circuit breaker, and went to turn on the AC. It was so hot outside, and he wanted the cooling unit to circulate air in his home. But, the AC wasn’t responding no matter how many times he tried to turn it on. He knew this was probably because he had missed the annual HVAC maintenance, which he had in the books with an area AC business. Duke wasted no time calling them since he didn’t have any other way to keep the house cool. The AC business sent over an AC expert that afternoon to inspect and fix the issue. It turns out the outdoor HVAC was the cause of the faulty AC unit not working. It had so much dust and debris that had blown into it during those many months he was away. This was impeding airflow into the cooling unit. The AC expert had to open it up, clean it, and fix a few parts before putting it back together. Duke was happy with the speedy repair, and in no time, he was enjoying the cool air from his HVAC unit.

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