Lots of problems living in an older home

The whole reason we picked this unique home to rent was due to how outdated and rustic it was.

Now that we are living here, I have come to realize that “old and rustic” are better in theory than in practice, but this home is too old, and it has a lot of problems I’ve never run into in any of the more modern homes I’ve lived in.

The pipes are noisy, and held together with baling wire and duct tape in numerous key places. The shingles are coming off the roof in sizable swatches. The insulation in the walls is nonexistent, and worst of all there is no central heating and A/C in this place! My husband and I can handle most of the repairs ourselves, so we called in a local a/c tech to examine our home and provide us some advice. The heating and A/C tech said that he had great news and terrible news. The terrible news was that this place couldn’t accommodate a full sized central heating and A/C system, and that even if the power grid could handle it there were easily few ductworks. The great news was that the gas furnace in the basement worked amazingly well, so our heating in addition to sizzling water needs would be just fine. That meant our only real problem was cooling. He recommended taking the low cost chances and getting a portable a/c, or a series of them, for the house! It was not the perfect solution to our cooling system problem, but it would get the task done for a low price.


a/c rep