I wanted to go out to dinner with my girlfriend

I wanted to go out to dinner with my girlfriend on Friday night, but I had an HVAC installation job and it took all day to complete.

  • My girlfriend’s parents were in town for a couple of days and this was their only opportunity to have dinner with the two of us.

I had not met them yet and I knew it was important for me to join my girlfriend on the dinner date. Around noon, my co-worker and I were only getting started with the installation job and I knew I wasn’t going to be done before 5. I called my girlfriend and she was definitely disappointed. She wanted me to call my boss and ask to leave the installation job early, but I didn’t want to leave my coworker short-handed. If I had left early, he would have worked on the HVAC installation job until 9 p.m. The two of us finished together around 6 p.m. My girlfriend and her parents were already having dinner. I told my girlfriend that I could stop at the restaurant, but she didn’t want me to meet them in my work uniform. I guess I understood, but I was disappointed that I didn’t at least say hello. I grabbed a six pack of bud light and went back to the house. I was tired and exhausted after the HVAC installation job. I drank my beers and ordered a large pizza from the restaurant in town. When my girlfriend got back to the apartment, her parents were with her. We sat in the kitchen and I drank a beer with her Dad.

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