I didn’t want to work late without AC

Last Friday night, I was scheduled to work until 8 pm. I started my shift at the skating rink at 1 in the afternoon. I was scheduled at that time due to a birthday party. I had to entertain the kids by putting on a costume and skating around the rink. It is very demeaning, but the boss pays an extra fifty bucks for the job. After entertaining the group of fifteen ten year olds, I was ready for a break. I sat down to eat some lunch in the snack center. The AC wasn’t blowing very cold and it was really warm. I mentioned the AC issue to my boss, but he ignored me. After my break was over, I had to work in the snack center. Kids were constantly coming to the counter for chips, candy, and soda pop. I complained several times about the AC, because I was starting to sweat. It had been a very long day and I did not want to work a moment past 8. When my boss asked me to stay until the skating rink closed at 11, I said no. I told my boss that I wasn’t going to work late because the AC problem had not been addressed. He didn’t have a single care in the world for my comfort, so I didn’t feel bad at all leaving the skating rink precisely at 8 p.m. when I was scheduled. I didn’t think my boss was going to retaliate, but I looked at the schedule for the next week and I only have 12 hours instead of 25. I guess the owner wasn’t very happy when I refused to stay late, but I stand by my decision.

a/c workman