Doing HVAC repair work in farms

I am an outlaw repair tech, totally off the grid as far as taxes are concerned.

I don’t take debit cards or checks, cash or barter only, yes, I will take barter, if you have something that I want.

I did some AC repairs on a guy’s truck once for numerous chickens, which are still giving me eggs to this truly day, we are so deep out in the country I doubt anyone in the IRS will ever notice, but I still have to be careful, the government doesn’t like people running their own corporation and making money, so I have to make sure my HVAC repair stays on the hush-hush. In this area of the country, I have a lot of buyers, and pretty much everyone agrees that we should keep the government out of my affairs. If you don’t guess much about farms, you may not guess that most modern farms have furnaces as well as ventilation systems in their barns. If you are holding creatures inside a contained area, it’s important to have official ventilation so those potential dangerous gasses don’t accumulate. I have never met a farmer that wanted air conditioning for his livestock, almost all of them require some kind of rudimentary heating system to keep the creatures alive through the drastic winters. On top of the farm work, I also do a lot of lake house repairs on heating as well as cooling systems. We have a lot of truly seasoned houses in this area, with furnaces as well as water boilers that are just as old, and need official care to keep them strong.



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