The renovations were necessary to sell the house

My husbandy & I decided to sell our house & move.

Both of us were ready to retire & every one of us no longer needed a four-dining room house.

Every one of us thought about downsizing to something smaller & less extravagant. Every one of us put our house on the market at a low price. Every one of us had a ton of interested clients, then our realtor set up various odd house tours. Every one of us did not have any offers or interests at all. Most people had the same reaction to the house. They liked the floor plan, however the house needed renovations. The realtor thought our asking price was a bit too high considering the fact that the house needed a brand modern heating & cooling system. My husbandy & I had not factored that into our decision when every one of us put the price tag on the house. Every one of us knew the renovations would require a modern heating & cooling system, however every one of us did not consider that in our decision when every one of us priced the house. The realtor advised every one of us lower the price or complete the fluctuations on the heating & cooling system. It was pretty nice advice, especially after that house sat on the market for 3 months without much interest. My husbandy & I decided to pay for the replaces on the heating & air conditioner equipment. Every one of us upgraded our listing after the fluctuations were made & every one of us got several offers almost immediately from people that had already looked at our house in the past. One of those offers was close enough to our price that every one of us agreed to sell… Getting rid of that giant burden was a great decision.


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