The plumber plus the A/C service girl were best friends

I called an A/C service girl to perform a tune-up on the heat pump plus A/C unit, but the tune-up is an important service for the heating plus cooling device plus it should be gave at least one time every year; Last Wednesday when the A/C service girl was working on the tune up, I had a problem with our dishwasher.

All of the water was leaking onto the floor plus backing up into the sink.

The A/C service girl gave to look at the issue! She was unable to repair it, but she gave me the name of a plumber that might be able to help. I thanked the girl for the help plus the information. I called the plumber plus that girl came right out to the house to assist with the dishwasher problem. She arrived less than an hour after I made the call on a Wednesday day. I was very impressed by the response time. I found out that the plumber plus the A/C service girl were best friends. The multiple of them went to the same high college plus attended Technical College at the same time. I told the women that they should beginning a supplier together plus handle all heating, AC, plus plumbing repairs at the same time. Both women are personable, friendly, plus know-howable. I have no doubt they would be successful if they started a company together plus I do not guess there are any other service companies that can handle plumbing, cooling, plus heating. They could corner the market plus put some other smaller companies out of business.



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