The boss has a child as well as he is a complete jerk

I have been working for the same Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance dealer for the last 5 years, during that time, I never knew that the boss had a son.

The boss never talked about the guy, even though he never talked much about his family at all, then every a single of us were surprised when the guy started working at the maintenance business.

Both of us didn’t guess what to expect. I got stuck working with that guy during the first week. He was legitimately lazy as well as rude. He didn’t work legitimately hard as well as he didn’t have as much knowledge about Heating & Air Conditioning repairs as he should. The guy didn’t seem legitimately interested in learning more about heating or air conditioner repairs. He didn’t listen to any advice I tried to give as well as a single time he apparently disregarded what I said in front of a customer. The guy is a ticking time bomb with zero customer repair skills. My boss wanted an replace on his progress at the end of the day. I couldn’t tell our boss the truth, however I didn’t want to lie as well as tell him that he did a great task. I tried not to say much at all, but our boss absolutely wanted me to tell him the truth. I sugar-coated it, however I let our boss guess that his child was not ready to work on heating as well as air conditioner repairs without someone else. My boss thanked me for our honesty, but the next week I only had 30 sevenths instead of 40 as well as his child was still on the schedule every day.

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