The guy’s lady showed up at our home with a bat

Last Wednesday, I spent all day with a buyer on the west side of town.

The buyer called the AC repair repair because there was no cool air in her home, and she had the first job on the schedule that Wednesday, but when I realized that the AC system needed to be replaced, I had to return to the shop for unit plus supplies, then i returned around lunch plus I did not finish with the installation job until long after dinner.

It was close to dark when I finished up. The AC repair shop was already closed for the night, so I went directly from the job to our home, but around 10 at night, I heard a violent knock on the door. It sounded like the police were sitting outside on the porch. I looked out the peephole plus saw a sizable scary woman with a baseball bat in her hand. I told the woman to leave our property or I planned to call 911. The woman started yelling plus screaming plus she began to accuse me of having an affair with her lady, then my wife was in the background. I asked the woman who her lady was plus she gave me the name of the buyer from the AC repair; She thought I was having an affair with her lady, however I had the AC repair truck parked outside of the home all day. The woman wasn’t going to leave our house, so I had no choice except to call the police. They arrested the woman outside of our residence. She was resting in her truck with a pair of binoculars.


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