The buzzing from a window A/C is the reason I must sleep with soothing white noise

I grew up in a metropolitan city where the noise in the summertime was part of the normal ambiance.

The sounds of police and fire trucks blaring, cars screeching and horns honking, stray dogs barking or stray cats shrieking in nearby alleys were part of the symphony that polluted the atmosphere.

The noise pollution was constant, however, there were few moments of silence, but those didn’t last very long. My one saving grace was the erratic buzzing noise from my window air conditioner. Not only did it drown out the outside noise, but it created white noise that aided in a peaceful night of sleep. Back then, air conditioners weren’t as sophisticated as they are now. They were quite heavy because of their metal frames, they were bulky and the knobs offered only a few cooling options, low, medium and high cool. The technology has since improved for window A/Cs, some can be controlled remotely through WIFI, and the loud buzzing noise has now evolved into a smoother hum. Those days of using a window A/C are long gone for me because I now reside in an area where central air is the norm. However, hearing white noise in the background has become something that I depend on each night for a peaceful sleep, which means I love hearing the airflow from my central air conditioner. The noise is a lot more pleasant than my noisy window A/C that I had as a young child. And though I no longer hear the plethora of city noises where I currently live, hearing the white noise from my central air when I sleep creates feelings of nostalgia.



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