I book a hotel room when I visit some family members to avoid dealing with air conditioning woes

When it comes to comfort there is no place like home. However, I consider some luxury hotels to be just as comfortable as my home because I have gotten some amazing sleep in hotel rooms. However, I sometimes hesitate to spend the night at a family member’s or a friend’s house because their homes are set up for their individual comfort. Don’t get me wrong, they are accommodating and will make the necessary adjustments so that I can be comfortable. I do the same for them when they visit me which is what I do for all guests that I entertain. The one major issue I have faced was the temperature inside someone’s house, therefore using the A/C is always a topic of discussion. I have been to my Uncle Richard’s house in the Summer, and inside was so hot because he did not have the A/C at a comfortable temperature. In addition, I like sleeping in a cold room where the temperature is set to about 74 degrees, perhaps 75 if there is a fan. However, Uncle Richard believes that temperature is too low, and he prefers to have his thermostat set to 78 degrees. What should I do in that situation, decrease the temperature on his thermostat to please my needs? Unfortunately, this is the reason I hesitate to sleep at Uncle Richard’s house. At times, I have sacrificed my comfort so that I didn’t cause any extra inconveniences, however, the best solution for me is to stay in a hotel room where I can control the room temperature without interfering with the comfort of others.

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