I believe my aunt should install a programmable thermostat in her restaurant

My aunt Michelle owns a small take-out restaurant and when I say small, I mean it has one table, and barely enough room for ten people to stand comfortably in the lobby.

But that space is just what she needs because she likes having a small staff, and she prefers the take-out restaurant model.

It worked well during the height of COVID when we went into quarantine. Her business was not interrupted, in fact, she saw a drastic increase in her revenue. She also signed up for more food delivery services which boosted her revenues even further. Typically, I visit my aunt’s restaurant, perhaps three or four times per year. However, last year, I visited about seven times because we had family in town during the course of the year. In the Summer, when I was in my aunt’s restaurant, I noticed that she had a standing fan in the lobby, and that’s when it occurred to me that she didn’t use her central air all the time. I assume that it is a way to save some money as energy consumption is one of the highest costs when operating any business. At times, she kept the front door open to allow the flow of air, and during the slow part of the day, when the restaurant didn’t have a lot of customers, I understand why she would not run the air conditioner. In the Winter, this wouldn’t be an issue because our Winters are relatively mild, but the Summer months can be so unforgiving. Perhaps I will suggest to my aunt that she install a programmable thermostat in her restaurant, so that she could set it based on the traffic that she gets during the day. It could perhaps save her some money, and it would be one less thing for her to think about.

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