What i want for christmas

Many people want the most common things for Christmas from their family and friends.

But this year, I want something pretty expensive and something I probably would not get from anyone in their right mind in my family or friends circles.

But I really would love a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system! My current central heating and air conditioning system is slowly dying and on its way out. I know it is going to be time to invest in a brand new and very up to date central heat and a/c unit soon. But the issue is, unless I can find an HVAC company or dealership that has a great HVAC payment and service plan, I am not so sure I can get one. The cost of central heating and air conditioning systems these days seem to be slowly going up like they were in the early days of central heat and a/c systems. Granted, people can still afford them if they make good money. But if they keep rasing the prices, it is going to go backwards in time more or less to where the average middle class person or family will have to use gas furnaces and window air conditioning systems again like we did way back in the day. I do not want to see this happen as I have got quite used to central heating and air conditioning. But if it happens this way I guess there is nothing I could do about it. But regardless one can dream. I still would love an HVAC unit for Christmas!



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