We all slept peacefully after the HVAC tune-up

My siblings and I were home alone last summer.

  • Mom and dad had gone out west to visit some relatives.

We all had summer jobs and opted not to join them on the trip. Even our little brother, who’s 8, said he’d stay behind. Mom and dad left strict instructions on the do’s and don’ts of summer, knowing we’d hold a party at some point. We were permitted to host one but only during the day. In addition, our older brother had to be present to supervise. That week, we all had so much work to do and chose to leave the party for another time. We also had an issue with the air conditioner in our home. For some reason, the unit kept blowing less and less cool air into the house. It got to a point where it was so hard to sleep at night because the house felt so hot and musty. Eventually, my older brother took action and got in touch with an area’s HVAC service and repair company. He booked an appointment, and an AC worker came to inspect the fault with the air conditioner. It turns out we hadn’t had the air conditioner serviced before summer, and the air filter was clogged. The AC worker replaced the worn-out air filter with a new one and tested the air conditioner. It worked so well, and we were all quite grateful for the excellent repair work. That night we all slept peacefully with the air conditioner working to cool the house. Our older brother updated mom and dad on the issue since they would receive a bill in the mail soon.

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