Running the furnace for the dog

I have a miniature poodle named Oscar who is eighteen years old.

He has difficulty hearing, seeing and getting around. I need to carry him up and down the stairs. My little dog is very fragile and gets cold easily. Even when the weather is mild, he tends to shiver. He gets excited when I offer to dress him in one of his many sweaters or fleece jackets. For the majority of the year, the local weather is cold, snowy and windy. We need to run the furnace for approximately six straight months. I run the heating system more than necessary for the sake of the dog. I adjust the thermostat a bit higher than we actually require. It costs me extra in monthly energy bills, and my kids often complain of the house feeling overheated. However, the dog appreciates it. I have his little bed set up in a direct line with one of the heating vents. The hot air blasts directly on him while he sleeps. He spends the majority of the day napping in his bed with the furnace blowing on him. His fur becomes hot to the touch. While the dog is relaxing inside in perfect comfort, I bundle up in layers of sweaters, wool coat, heavy boots, knitted hat, scarf and gloves and head outside. The temperature is often well below freezing and sometimes in the negative digits. I need to shovel a path through the snow to provide a place for the dog to walk. Our snow accumulates in feet and is way taller than the dog.

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