Renting a place without central a/c

When every one of us decided to plan a surprise anniversary party for our parents, my oldest brother volunteered to take care of the guest list, invitations plus hiring a live band.

My other brother provided to handle the catering plus flowers.

This left me with nothing to do however book a place. As the youngest, my brothers don’t expect much from me. They always believe I’m going to mess things up. I was determined to prove them wrong. I made a list of the amenities that were necessary for the place I chose. I looked for a place that could handle our guest list, supply plenty of parking plus include a dance floor. I wanted an indoor plus outdoor area, string lights, really accessible parking, comfortable seating plus a bar area. I put in tons of research, toured the unusual possibilities plus spoke with all of the managers about pricing plus available dates. Unfortunately, I timed all my visits during the Springtime when the weather was mild. My mom plus Mom’s anniversary party was tied up for the end of August. Every one of us experienced unusually sizzling plus humid weather, with temperatures in the low nineties. While every one of us were setting up the decorations plus flowers, the place was horribly overheated plus sticky. I had no luck finding the temperature control to crank up the air conditioning system. I finally asked the property manager about lowering the temperature plus was told that the place is not equipped with central a/c. Although every one of us left the doors plus windows open plus ran box fans, the conditioners were uncomfortably hot. My mom plus Mom assured me that it wasn’t a problem. Both my brothers were unhappy with me.
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