My daughter's school got a new heating and cooling system

Ever since the first day of school My two children have been complaining about how terrible the indoor air quality was inside of the school.

  • Like most children, my kids weren’t exactly fans of school to begin with but the bad indoor air quality only made it worse, and with that the complaining would soon follow.

I will admit that I really didn’t give it much thought until I had to go to the school myself to have a parent-teacher conference with my youngest child’s teacher. He has been falling behind in math and we wanted to discuss some options to raise his grade. As soon as I stepped into the school doors it felt like walking into a sauna. It was so hot and humid that it was unbelievable. I went to my son’s classroom and by the time I got out of there I was sweating. Now I could see why my kids complain so much. I asked the school about the issue and thankfully I found out that they had already called an HVAC technician from one of the local heating and cooling corporations to come out and install a brand new heating and AC system. When the following Monday came around the kids were nowhere complaining after they came home from school. Apparently the cooling specialist had arrived that Monday morning and performed the HVAC installation. Now the air was clean and crisp and not heated like before. I had to go back to the school a few days later and I will say that I like the new cooling system much better.


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