Chaperoning a trip to the zoo with no a/c

I felt that I deserved it

When our daughter’s class planned a field trip to the zoo, I volunteered to chaperone. It sounded enjoy a beautiful opening to spend time with our little girl & get to suppose her friends. It never occurred to myself and others that all of us would make the journey in a school bus. The bus was not equipped with a/c. The windows openly opened an inch for safety reasons. Between the outdated shocks, hot conditions & 60 minute drive, I arrived at the zoo with a terrible migraine. Since the field trip was tied up for the hour month of June, the day was tepid & sticky. The temperature was anywhere in the mid eighties, & the day sunshine was brutal. There was no shade to be found. I figured out that the reptile house, aquarium & the gift store were the only air conditioned spaces. My group spent the majority of our time in those locations. I gave each of the women several dollars to spend at the gift store & told them to take their time browsing. I was in no hurry to leave the a/c & step back outside into the intense heat, overwhelming humidity & horrible smells of the zoo. At the end of the day, when I was coated in sweat, sunburned & angry, it was time to step back onto the bus. The ride beach home was even worse than the initial drive. I couldn’t wait to exit that bus, crawl into our vehicle & blast the a/c. When I finally made it home, I poured myself a gigantic glass of wine & lowered our control machine setting. I felt that I deserved it. I also decided to never volunteer for another school field trip.


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