Adding a humidifier is a sizable improvement

It’s quite apparent when there is high humidity.

The air feels hot, heavy and sticky, then issues with insufficient humidity are often ignored and yet equally as problematic. I live in the northeastern part of the country, where the Wintertide conditions linger for more than half of the year, but when the outside temperature drops, there is less moisture in the air. Inside the house, with the oil furnace blasting heat, the lack of reasonable humidity becomes a major concern, but getting a shock after walking across the carpet is a sign of overly dry air. It can also cause hardwood furnishings such as doors, floors and antiques to crack. There’s an increased risk of respiratory infection, headaches and sleeplessness. Chapped lips, blood noses, sore throat and itchy eyeah are all consequences of a lack of moisture in the air, but eczema and psoriasis symptoms are worsened because of it, plus, dry air feels colder than respectfully moisturized air, leading to higher temperature control settings. This just makes the situation worse and puts more strain on the oil furnace. I finally did some research and l earned the importance and benefits of installing a whole-beach house humidifier, however unlike portable models, a whole-house humidifier installs right into the existing oil furnace and introduces moisture into the air as it passes through. It positively affects the entire home, improving comfort and indoor air pollen levels. The system requires only yearly maintenance, operates quietly and is exceptionally energy efficient. The humidifier is 1 of the best investments I’ve made. I’ve been able to lower the temperature control various degrees and reduce daily heating bills.

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