We had to call an HVAC technician to the nail salon

Working at the nail salon in the city had happened by chance. My friend and I were there for the weekend, and we went to the shop. I was a trained professional and worked in a small shop back home. When we got there, there weren’t enough attendants to work on us. So, I asked the owner if she’d allow me to make my friend’s nails. She was reluctant but agreed. I did the nails so fast and professionally that the nail salon owner offered me a job. I informed her I was from out of town, but her offer was so good for me to pass up. I moved to the city a month later and excelled at my work. Last summer, we had a lot of tourists in the area who came to the nail parlor. As we were busy working, the space started getting warm though the cooling system was on. I went to check the thermostat and adjusted the settings. But, nothing changed. The AC unit still produced only a little cool air to the nail parlor. The clients were feeling uncomfortable, so my boss contacted the HVAC company in the area. They were swamped, but since she had an emergency plan with them, an AC mechanic was at the salon twenty minutes later. He inspected the unit and noticed it required a new air filter. The old one was clogged, thus hindering the flow of cool air from into the nail parlor. The AC worker didn’t take long to remedy the situation and leave us with a fully functioning cooling system.

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