Nothing helps cuts heating and cooling costs like window film

When our family first moved from a northern state to a southern one, the difference in weather was extreme.

Our northern winters were absolutely gone, and the seasons were nonexistent.

People would jokingly say that we enjoyed two seasons: hot and hotter. Way down south, that was less a joke than the truth. Air conditioning was and is everyone’s best friend. But my mom soon noticed that the electric bills were astronomical; as a widow with four kids in the house, she needed to look for ways to save. Finally, while at work, someone asked her if she had window film on the windows. At that time, she was renting our home, and so she had no idea really. She had not noticed and film on the windows. I am pretty sure she did not even know what window film was, actually. So she came home and paid attention, and lo and behold, there was no residential window film in sight. She asked the property owner about it, and she suggested that my mom should look into the costs of home window tinting installations. So, even though mom was pretty tired after working a full day and being a mom on top of it, she did just that. She discovered there were decorative window films, which were higher priced than the simpler residential window tint that is really designed just to block the sun and save energy. The sad part came when my mom submitted the estimates to the property owner because the owner decided getting window films was too expensive. Then my brother went to the home improvement store, bought a few rolls, and two of my brothers got the job done.


Commercial Window Film Installations