My son doesn’t have a lot of respect for me these days

Having been a single father for many years now, it hasn’t been easy raising my son.

His mother died in a brutal car accident and that’s something that makes us both miserable.

Well, lately he has been getting into this new phase. We used to talk more often and things seemed to be alright, but now he just wants to spend most of his time either alone in his room or with his friends. We don’t hang out anymore and it kind of sucks. The other day when I tried to ask him if he could change the air filter to the HVAC system, he said he would get to it. He never did though and when I asked him about it again he said, “Don’t have a cow man!” I hadn’t heard anybody say that for a long time and I was thinking that it sounded like something from the simpsons. I was subscribed to Disney Plus and I realized that he was watching the simpsons as all the seasons are on there. It was cool that we could both relate to some degree because apparently, we both liked that show. Still when he refused to change the air filter, I told him he had to do something around the house and he needed to clean his room. He kept giving me a hard time and I didn’t know what to do. I ended up changing the air filter to the HVAC on my own and I just kept up with everything. I mostly feel lost without my wife being here to help, she always knew what to do. I’m afraid our child has lost all respect for me, but I hope things don’t get worse.


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