Milly and her sister solved the AC issue by installing a new programmable temperature control

Milly and her sister moved to a rustic apartment.

Both girls were amazed by the granite exterior, the original hardwood floors, and the original wrought iron fixtures.

But one issue Milly and her sister had was the neglected HVAC method used to heat and cool the apartment. Milly and her sister had the outdoor unit changed, but they still realized the apartment got bad heating and cooling. The sisters changed the air filter respectfully, especially since they had three cats, but they still faced circulation troubles in the apartment. Milly’s mom lives in an apartment of the same age, and was noticing similar concerns. She told the girl that she did find a solution to the uneven heating troubles with a smart control unit with zone control. This unit was a substantial improvement to the former control unit. A smart control unit relies on WIFI, and can be worked via an app on our phone or laptop. A smart control unit can check the apartment, and make sure that the HVAC method is running at the best temperature. As for zone control, it’s achieved via a series of valves installed within the sisters existing air duct, and can run the flow of air around their apartment. The smart control unit with zone control will ensure the HVAC method is aware of the temperature throughout the apartment, and can circulate warm air to all sections of the property evenly. Thanks to the replacement of our HVAC system, Milly and her sister no longer experience freezing parts in their apartment while running their furnace. Also, since the method is so ideal, the sisters have saved hundreds of dollars on their energy bills. Talk to a local HVAC company today to get a smart control unit with zone control.


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