I’m glad that we were able to get rid of the draft in the house

We were entirely comfortable when we first moved into our home.

Of course, it was the fall season so we had to make sure to have our heating system tuned up. Everything went well with the HVAC professional and he didn’t seem to think there were any issues. The ductwork system looked good and everything. So we started using our heating system when it got cold out. Before I knew it though, I was feeling a very strong drafty and it felt kind of chilly when I was watching my TV show on Netflix. I asked my wife if she felt the draft and she said of course she did. She didn’t know what to do and I wasn’t entirely sure either, but I knew we should attempt to winterize the house. So I went to the store and got plastic for the windows and other items to seal the doors. When I was able to finish doing all of this, I was thankful when the draft went away. Also, I was happy when the energy bills weren’t too overpriced. I thought with all that time we had the draft, we were going to pay heavily for that, but it wasn’t too bad. Our heating system works great, probably because of the regular HVAC maintenance. I think as long as we stay up with our HVAC maintenance and make sure to seal the house for the winter months, we shouldn’t have any issues moving forward. At least, I hope we don’t have issues. I have friends who had their heating systems break down in the winter months; they had to call for emergency HVAC repairs and that cost them a great deal of money.

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