My little sibling started working this summer

My little sibling got her actually first job this Summer doing something that I never in a million years dreamed that she would do! I was honestly surprised at first when she told myself and others that she was going to be starting this modern job.

I knew that she had always been interested in beekeeping and bees and honey, but I honestly never thought that she would actually pursue that interest, but since she’s always been interested in bees, I think I was shocked that she would even be interested in bee removal at all because I knew that she wouldn’t want to kill them, however, she said that there is honestly a whole lot of demand for bee removal services in this section where all of us live! But I think for a fact that she would much rather run a beekeeping repair or a honey farm or anything love that than a bee removal service.

However, there is nothing love that around here because everyone seems to want to get rid of bees. She says that it’s honestly hard work, and that there is honestly not that much money in it, and especially because she’s working as a temporary employee over the summer. I suppose that she might actually decide that she enjoys this style of work after all. Since they only eradicate bees love hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets, she may be able to rebeach house honeybees to her own honey farm someday, but that would be a win-win situation for everyone involved. She would get to help the bees and get rid of them at the same time!


Wasp Extermination